Our Mission Statement

Calling All Mother’s And Women!!!

Mothers & Women United is an organization dedicated to mothers and women across racial lines, socioeconomic classes and backgrounds coming together to help combat police brutality and unwarranted acts of violence that occur against African American’s, people of color and other disenfranchised groups of people.
Mother’s & Women United is committed to the following Core Objectives:

  1. Advocating for “Limited” use of Force for police officers and law enforcement personnel unless in cases of: Suspected, Murder, Rape or Other Acts of “Severe” Violence.
  2. Enforcing Severe penalties in cases of “Abuse of Power “by police officers and law enforcement officers when valid evidence presents its self in acts of violence towards African Americans, People of Color and other disenfranchised populations.
  3. Advocate for enhanced training and selection of police officers & law enforcement personnel especially as it relates to areas of Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity Training to: African Americans, People of Color and Other disenfranchised populations.

We are currently looking for more volunteers to help us initiate change in our communities!!

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping us get the message out about our cause, please feel free to share this information.

While the organization is called Mothers & Women United it doesn’t mean that males voices aren’t needed as well! :)

For more information:
Our Facebook Page at https://facebook.com/motherswomenunited
Our Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/m_w_unitedkc
Email Us at: information@motherswomenunited.com

Thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement!


Jeanette Ighedosa, L.C.S.W

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